Who's that lucky little girl with a lucky hairstyle for St. Patrick's Day?

This fun little tutorial can be found at princesshairstyles.com.

Make the french braid first. I did a diagonal inside-out french braid. A regular french braid would also work. Or if you don't know how to french braid, you could do an elastic braid. Whatever!

Ribbon Braid dutch braid To sew around the braid, I used our plastic needle and did it basically the same way I did this ribbon headband hairstyle. Start sewing at the bottom, on one side of the braid. Sew up to the top and down the other side with each ribbon. (You'll need 3 pieces of ribbon total.)
hairstyle using ribbons
st. patrick's day hairstyle This was actually fairly quick too! From start to finish this took less than 15 minutes.
Have a happy St. Patrick's Day! Oh, and in case you're wondering, the cute shamrock bow came from Kells Bows.
Enjoy that fun style! (although my girls saw that and started to laugh knowing that their momma had no hope of being able to braid like that...if only they were so lucky!!)

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