Stay Cool this summer!

My kids have both been in preschool this year, and each had two teachers.  Lily graduated though (sniff, sniff) and I just thought her teachers needed something special!  I went with this "Stay Cool" care package.  Not so original, but I thought they turned out so cute!  I gave each teacher a beach towel, one of those reusable tumblers and a nice gossipy People.  I was leaning toward the Star! or OK! but you never know people's sensibilities!  I made a cute little scrabook-y card with a popsicle and summer paper with the teacher's name and a note from our family.  What do you think?  What are you giving your kids' teachers this year?
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Tooth fairy pillow

Isn't she cute?!  I made this little tooth fairy pillow for my little Lily, who is only barely 5 and has already lost 3 teeth.  Snuck up on the tooth fairy here!

(And this little fairy is leaning up against the tooth fairy pillow MY Mama made me, when I was little!  Awww!  Guess where all my crafty-ness came from? )

I saw this completely adorable idea on Mmm Crafts, and she gives you a free pattern.  Loved it!  It was very simple to make.  I like her's better, but I let Lily pick the colors of buttons, felt skirt, and ribbon.  I would have picked something else, but where's the fun in that? :)

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Free 4th of July Printable and Digital Scrapbooking Giveaway!!

This free printable can be downloaded from my Google Docs here.

It's a big day guys.  You may not know this, but, this is our first advertising sponsor post EVER.  I mean, that we weren't related to/friends with before we reviewed it.  Just unsolicited coolness.  And I, Dot, am so excited!  And I'll be straight up here, I did get the product for free but these are my honest opinions.  And seriously, I'm just nice enough, that my practice for this awesome digital scrapbooking program was to make a free 4th of July printable for all y'all.  Cuz I'm cool like that. 

My Memories Suite is a digital scrapbook program.  I, however, am not much of a scrapbooker.  I mean to be!  You'd think my craftiness would translate to scrapbooking.  My Mom is Cuh-razy about scrapbooking.  But, like the glorious and wonderful Cricut (or maybe Silhouette but I've never tried it), this is not just for scrapbookers.  This is an affordable design program, which you can use for a plethora of uses.  My sis-in-law uses digital scrapbooking to make her birthday invites.  And I am thinking I'm going to use mine for EVERYTHING!!!

You knew about Picnik, right?  I fell in love, bought a membership, the ants took over, I was hopeless.  No more Picnik.  I've been thinking that I needed to ante up and buy Adobe Photoshop but I've heard there's a bit of a learning curve there and I've been too intimidated.  And it's a touch pricey.  Enter My Memories Suite.

The only playing around I've done with it was to create this printable but it definitely gave me a handle on it.  I've used those blog-to-book programs before, plus other photo book programs so it was very familiar.  But better.  Because I could use it for straight design.  And even better than Picnik, you can use any font you've downloaded!  (Hello Kevin and Amanda.  You're about to see lots more of me...)  Amazeballs.

It was a little different for me.  I think Picnik was a little more user-friendly.  But once I was even on for 15 minutes, I'd been able to figure it all out.  And I can tell you that I've tried to mimic Picnik on my Word program and it doesn't work very well without lots of previous training.  I can't do it.  But this scrapbooking software, I can do.  Maybe its just a right brain thing, but this is much easier.

So BEST PART:  My Memories Suite is giving away one more program to one of our readers!  Woohoo!  This giveaway will end at midnight next Thursday, June 14th, 2012.  The rules:  Go to MyMemories.com, browse around, and leave a comment here about one of their best products in your opinion.  2nd entry: "like" Holiday Snob and My Memories on facebook and leave a comment that you did. 

Two chances per person to get your own free digital scrapbooking software.  Bam!

And that's not all... (uh, oh, feel like a tv show announcer) every one of you crazy crafting geniuses can get $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon for the MyMemories.com store - $20 value!  Here's your coupon code: STMMMS26229

And I'd say cut and paste that one...

Alright Snobs, it's on!!  Enter to win, buy yourself some scrapbooking software, and download my free printable!  And ya know, it's always cool to become a follower of this blog!

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Hey Snobs!  So we have an update on our Father's Day Free Printable.  I uploaded it to our Google Docs account, available for free download here.   Hopefully this will help you download a higher resolution image!  Remember, if you like this image, we would LOVE it if you would follow us or like us on facebook.  Thanks!

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Mothers Day 2.0!

Hey loyal readers!  I am constantly amazed at the amount of hits we get when Glitta and I have seriously broken down on our posting!  But this little printable I made last year still seems to be a favorite.  Would you believe that the original post has had close to 30,000 views?  Cuh-razy.  And I don't have a new for you.  BUT.  Many people have had some trouble accessing it so I am trying a new technique that I really hope works!  I uploaded the images I have to Google Docs in hopes that they are easier to download for all y'all.  Let me know if this helps!  I am not super awesome at replying but I read every comment and my heart goes a pitter pat with each one!  Thanks in advance for liking us on facebook, following this blog, pinning the image, or just thinking we're kinda cool.    Here's some links:

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Vintage Baby Shower for Sistah

I threw a Vintage-y Diaper shower for my little sister last week and then went straight into prepping for our craft segment on the News.  And then hightailed it out of town immediately following our 4 and a half minutes of fame.  I'm trying to get all the pictures edited, so I'm just going to throw out a quick sneak peek for you guys!

 And shocking expose alert!  By now, if you saw any of our news pieces, you'll know Dot's not my real name... Bum bum baaaam!  So here's me, minus a balloon and a pseudonym, just hosting a baby shower for my sistah.
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Spring Crafts for Kids on the Cheap...

Well yes we are still alive and kicking!! Just coming out of a long winter crafting hibernation!! The sun has been shining and the kids are on spring break. Which means fun but also the question of what to do?
We took to our cupboards and scrounged up some paper plates, cupcake liners, cooffee filters, paper bowls,cups, buttons--really anything you can find and let the kids go spring craft crazy. Here is how is all turned out:
There were flowers of all shapes and colors...enough to kick start our flower gardens.

 The boys had a blast making paper plate frisbees..we had dinosaurs and pirates and just crazy colored ones!!

We had a great time and we were featured on our local Channel 2 News Colorado's Best for a segment on Fun Springbreak crafts for cheap...ours were actually free!! (the best kind of craft in our book) Check us out.

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