Christmas Crafts on the CW!

Inside the studio, waiting for my turn:

The mess you couldn't see on camera :)  I just can't craft in a tidy manner!

Where do I look?  Where do I look?  Obviously that teleprompter in the middle, but I thought the camera on the left.  You just never see me look at that camera!

I have some tutorials to post this week for the crafts I showed on the segment, but tonight I only have time for the cute Christmas trees!  Now, I must first admit, that the snobs around here didn't invent these adorable trees, we saw them on Tatertots and Jello, created by Desiree at 36th Avenue.  Click here to see her full tutorial!

I added some rhinestone "ornaments" and changed up the colors a tiny bit.  We chose this craft because first, it's adorable, second, we were asked to share a craft for kids.  And this one is perfect.  It's just tape!  Here's my kids making theirs:

 The two on the left are done by my almost 5 year old, and the one on the right is by my two year old.  Pretty great!
Stay tuned this week for the shadow box tutorial and a free printable!
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