Easter Wreath Tutorial

Glue "Hippity Hoppity" letters to board, along the top.  (font: Alphalicious 2")

Glue Bunny to bottom center of board. (Doodlebugs cartridge, Border option of bunny, 4")

Modpodge over paper to secure.

Embellish each side of the board (to the right and left of bunny paper)
-Cut flowers by tracing template onto choice of paper and cutting.  Then starting at the center, start wrapping the circle around until it resembles a flower.  Glue at spots to secure shape.

-Fold circles of fabric, paper, cupcake liner, in half, then half again to form a triangle "leaf" embellishment.

-Embellish centers of flowers with twists of book page, or rhinestones or button.  Some flowers are layered on top of each other.

-Use hot glue to secure embellishments to board.

-Paint three jingle bells (we used a larger than average size) white or cream.  When dry, hot glue onto each bunny.  Glue a pompom on top of each jingle bell.

-Cut the ribbon provided in half.  Secure each length of ribbon to top of board with a flat thumb tack (one on each side.)

 Cut two spools of tulle into equal lengths.  (Unwind each spool around the cardboard template, about 14.5" long, once completely unwound, secure with rubberbands on each end.  Then use scissors to cut the tulle at each end.)  See this tutorial at Treasures for Tots for lots of pictures and easy explanations!

Tie each piece of tulle in one simple knot around 8" embroidery hoop.
Finished wreath alone:

Finished board:

And layered over wreath:

We had so much fun at our Craft Night, everyone came up with so many fun ideas!  I wish more of my friends lived nearby so that they could come too!  Here's some other boards from the night:

If you make a wreath, let us know and we'll share it on our facebook page!  And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!!  We know those flowers could seem a little tricky, but they are totally do-able!  And if you just want us to make it for you all handy-dandy, check out our Snobette etsy listing!

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Spring Apothecary Jars

A few weeks ago Courtney at A Diamond in the Stuff had a tutorial for homemade apothecary jars...

recognize the middle?


Yep, those are Mason Jars!  We LOVED the idea so we had to make an Easter version!  First I bought a couple of candlesticks from the thrift store (Lucky Glitta already had a bunch!) and then wood finials from Lowes.  I spray painted them all the same cream, then sanded and antiqued them.  And they couldn't really qualify for Easter if they didn't have eggs inside, right?  So I added some of my bookpage eggs, and made some robin eggs.  I bought a pack of mini styrofoam eggs for a buck at Target and painted them with Valspar spray paint in Mediterranean and then flecked them with a few spritzes of antiquing solution:
Original colors

 skewered them on bamboo skewers and put in a planting blocks, as if they were cake pops

Spray painted and flecked, but one did not fare so well...

Little Robin eggs for a dollar!
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Paper Plate Bunny Banners

Do you ever just walk through the aisles of Target and find yourself saying "seriously you are killing me Target killing  my budget I mean killing me with cute crap treasures I can't live without." Well that is what happened last week when I saw egg shaped plates. Of course you have to buy that. Then I remembered seeing a bunny banner made from paper plates in the magazine Celebrate by Phyllis Hoffman Easter Edition. So Dot and I got busy with paper plates and this is what we came up with.
We couldn't leave our plates plain so we added carrots--I already expressed how endearing those little guys are this time of year. And again with the crepe paper. It is so much fun and versatile!!
Now I went with two bunnies and a carrot and it seemed to be a happy bunch for me. Dot's bunnies and carrots didn't seem to agree...

Her bunnies are just too cute on their own and needed their own banner...aren't they so cute!!

Ahh, much better!  Now the carrots almost look like specimen art!
I love this by the way Dot...might be copying that at my house
After I hung these I thought to myself that they looked like dinosaur eggs and now that's all I see!  But they're staying up!  And I just might buy more and use them for a dinosaur birthday party this summer!

The best thing about these bunnies (besides how cute they are) is how simple they are to make. This is really something you can make with your kids. You cut one plate to make the 2 ears, glue them on to another plate and embellish how you wish. 

If you want to embellish like ours...

So have with this and if you do make a bunny banner we would love to see!!



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