A Spring Fairy Tea Pary

Every Birthday is your own holiday, here's how we celebrated one:

A Fairy Tea Party!
I printed a teensy invite, (6 pt font) and then rolled it up inside a tiny hand sewn acorn

Each guest was invited with a little basket holding moss and the invitation and a magnifying glass (to read what the pixies had written them, of course!) 

Every young fairy hosting her first tea party must be 
properly attired:

How about somehomemade fairy slippers?  Cut right to size!

the mock-up was still cute, but not nearly fancy enough for a party!
Aaaah, that's better!

And of course, a custom dress and tutu, with glittered wings and crepe flower hat

wings are courtesy of Joann's
The treats were cupcakes made to look like toadstools

Served with fairy tea (pink lemonade!) under a petaled tent

Where a fairy queen ruled court...

 The fairy hill was decorated with magic wands and tea cups,

 And pixie dust...
which little pixies took home
and toadstools...

Fairy gardens were made by each girl

 For each girls' fairy doll to live in...

 Each child also took home a pair of wings, made especially for her!

There was another petaled tent for dancing,

 and dreaming...

Tired feet from a night of dancing in the hollow hills!


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