The Holiday Snobs

We are two friends who share a love for the Holidays. And when we say love, we may mean obsession. Every month there is a valid holiday to be celebrated and sometimes more than one. We share a love of creating a holiday experience for our families and friends...which can include and is not limited to: matching outfits, holiday themed meals, holiday themed rituals, holiday themed gifts for family, friends, teacher, holiday cupcakes, holiday crafts, decorating our house for the holidays, holiday recipes and party ideas, (is any of this sounding familiar??---we thought so!!) We can't stop ourselves and to be honest, we really don't want to!

You know you have a problem when you are planning your kids next birthday party at your kids current party---sometimes guilty. You know you have a problem when you just can't stop yourself from decorating for the holidays...I mean how many Halloween decorations can one single house have (does 5 monster size rubbermaids seem excessive?) You know you have a problem when your hot glue gun plate (well if you have a hot glue gun plate at all you might have a problem) has things actually glued to it (dare I say what mine has stuck to it? Let's just hope it won't mold).You know you have a problem when the cracks on your thumbs are actually from crafting---can you believe how bad they hurt? (I do have the BEST thing for it--I will share with you when we get to know each other a little better...)

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