Hey Snobs!  So we have an update on our Father's Day Free Printable.  I uploaded it to our Google Docs account, available for free download here.   Hopefully this will help you download a higher resolution image!  Remember, if you like this image, we would LOVE it if you would follow us or like us on facebook.  Thanks!

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Mothers Day 2.0!

Hey loyal readers!  I am constantly amazed at the amount of hits we get when Glitta and I have seriously broken down on our posting!  But this little printable I made last year still seems to be a favorite.  Would you believe that the original post has had close to 30,000 views?  Cuh-razy.  And I don't have a new for you.  BUT.  Many people have had some trouble accessing it so I am trying a new technique that I really hope works!  I uploaded the images I have to Google Docs in hopes that they are easier to download for all y'all.  Let me know if this helps!  I am not super awesome at replying but I read every comment and my heart goes a pitter pat with each one!  Thanks in advance for liking us on facebook, following this blog, pinning the image, or just thinking we're kinda cool.    Here's some links:

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