Books for St. Patty's

This post is inspired by several school teacher friends who always have an impressive array of books for every occasion.  They don't need this list.  For the rest of us muddling our way through motherhood, Holiday Snob presents a list of books for St. Patrick's Day!

I know, I know, not necessarily a holiday for all of us that warrants a children's book.  I mean, you've probably bought the Nativity books, or Santa books, but St. Patrick's Day?  However, I would argue that   a holiday tradition in which you tell little children that mysterious little green beings invaded your house and played pranks on you (dyeing the milk green?) might warrant further explanation.

So whether you check them out from the library or head over to the bookstore, these titles are a cut above average!

by Patricia A. Pingry

by Mary Ann Hoberman

by Salina Yoon

by Justine Korman

by Teddy Slater
images are from Amazon.com


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