High hopes but sometimes a " little luck" is all you really need

I have to say sometimes my high hopes for making the perfect handmade treat for all the important people in my life gets derailed by all THE important people in my life...or actually was it my lack of planning or the last minute trip to the mall or the headache that was brought on by those little important ones fighting all afternoon...(hmmm let me think on that) either way I was feeling a little overwhelmed because even though high hopes derailed, I still can't let a holiday pass without handing out some sort of holiday treat!! What to do, what to do. Then, like a "little" green angel was guiding me, I was in line to pay at Bath and Body and I looked down and saw these most perfect St. Patrick's Day treats!!!!

Wait for it.....

Can you believe how perfect!! I was saved by the Bath and Body St Patrick's Day fairy--and they are on sale for 5 For $5--someone please pinch me. Then to make it even more perfect, (because when you find something so Fab you must share immediately so I passed this hot little tip on) Dot had to go and make this darling little tag:

So, now I have my holiday treat, no handmade sweat this year, but it still shows all the green  love!! Go ahead and download your tag and then make a run to your Bath and Body and show those important someone's in your life and little green love. (By the way, the tag size looks best printed in a wallet size in proportion to those cute little handbacs!)


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Anonymous said...

Such a fun and clever little surprise!

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