"Handmade holiday t-shirts for school are a must, Mom!"

Glitta's girls are now accustomed to having a new holiday themed shirt to wear to school for each holiday. Homemade by Mom, of course, and they won't settle for just buying a cute holiday shirt from a store!
did I mention that I have created holiday snobs?

But, I love to do this for my kids and this is my tulle heart valentine's day shirt.

This is an easy tutorial for tulle heart shirts, but we don't have pictures for each step. 

Do you remember making tissue paper square projects as a kids where you would roll tissue paper squares and then glue the bottoms in different shapes to paper? That is the idea behind this shirt. You start out with 1/4 yard of the different colored tulle you want to use. Cut it into approx.  1 1/2 in squares. Trace a large heart onto a t-shirt with pencil. Lay a piece of foil underneath your shirt so the hot glue won't stick through. Then put a dot of hot glue on your shirt and twist the bottom of the tulle and with a pencil press the tulle onto the shirt and carefully attach the tulle. Follow the outline alternating colors of tulle in a pattern. Then I added small rhinestones periodically throughout the center of the tulle with hot glue. 

This shirt can be washed inside out on the gentle cycle of your machine on cold and hang to dry. 


*Glitta's sister made this version of the tulle tee for her little sissies! What is not to love?

But keep in mind, if you make this adorable shirt, you may be creating
 your own little holiday snobs!  Don't say we didn't warn you!!


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