Dot's Valentine Snobbery

For some reason, I fully recognize that Valentine's Day should be cheesy. And I know it is for a lot of people! But as a holiday snob, I just can't resist it. I like the ruffles, pinks, hearts and doilies. But isn't it just a fun way to let your family and friends know you love them? 

I just can't stick to the old decorations from last year.  Not good enough?  Am I snubbing them?  I just get so excited about new ideas!  So here's a little peek into my Valentine's decorations this year.

Top from Left: inspired by Family Chic, homemade Valentine, frame: Target, embellished wreath from Big Lots
Middle Left: pdf from eighteen25, via Be Different...Act Normal, Middle Second from Right, cupcake wreath inspired by: Tatertos and Jello, Middle Right: Napkin Wall flowers inspired by Made
Bottom from Left: Embellished Tin Sign from Hobby Lobby, Pennant Banner inspired by: Crafty Sisters, Valentines made to hang in my bathroom (are you a little grossed out now?) and strawberry heart-shaped marshmallows
And there were a lot of crafts I didn't get to... Makes me so sad inside.  


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