Guest Post with Blue Prints Photography: Father's Day Card

We're excited to have a guest post today with Melissa from Blue Prints Photography!  She's amazing and always has a fun photo idea for us for the holidays!  You have to check out her blog though to see all of her non holiday related work... *wink*

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For Father's Day, why not make a fun card with pictures of what your favorite man likes to do? Is it fishing? Is it reading? Maybe playing a game of basketball or football? Or just horsing around with the kids? If you're crafty, you can use scrapbooking paper to make something cute, or there are a multitude of digital frames you can use. I like this one because of the wood frame elements (makes it look more manly :) One of my favorite sites for digital cards and scrapbook paper is The Shabby Princess (http://www.shabbyprincess.com/downloads.asp). This is a link to FREE downloads of super-cute paper and collections, but they also have a bunch more you can buy for very reasonable prices. After making your card, you can even put it in a frame so he can keep it on his desk at work or on his nightstand.

So start snapping pictures of your favorite Dad doing his favorite things, and you're sure to have a card that's meaningful and artsy!


Joseph said...

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Anna Schafer said...

You have to check out her blog though to see all of her non holiday related work... *wink*
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Richard C. Lambert said...

Simply adorable! I wish these guys had been around when I was decorating our nursery. I'm hoping for a new niece or nephew soon, so maybe I'll be able to enjoy. DX Print Group

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