Father's Day Breakfast..snobstyle!

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So what would be more perfect for Father's Day Breakfast than cinnamon rolls? Oh I found something even better...Cinnamon Roll Pancakes!! Genius right? I mean no effort in kneading and no time to rise which means moms everywhere will be sleeping in a little later this Father's Day! I was no less than thrilled (and drooling) when I stumbled across these babies from recipegirl.com.
I immediately knew these were a snobby find and added them to the Father's Day Menu along with some bacon and fresh OJ and you are so golden mamas!! 
photo courtesy of recipegirl.com
So enjoy a later morning and please let us know what you think of these pancakes. 
Recipe is found here.

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Anonymous said...

We made these in the form of waffles last weekend and the hubby (and kids LOVED them! They seriously taste just like cinnamon rolls without all the hard work. Amazing!

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