Ahh... Patriotic on Pinterest!

Pinterest is kind of my new obsession, I can lose all kinds of time on it.  And patriotic pins are running rampant on it!  So I'm sharing a few of my favorite ideas:

Heartbreak kids made this ADORABLE little dress for her daughter and actually makes it look easy!

An Altered State made these "firecrackers" by recovering lifesavers: genius.  I even have left over 4th of july papers from my wreath project...

So I pinned this patriotic printable without even realizing that one of my cute friends was the one to make it!  I sadly don't check her blog as often as I should apparently!  You can print it off from her blog, Wet Donkey.

And I'm not at all sure that I could ever make the following cake, but I like looking at it!  Check it out at Glorious Treats:

This printable is just too cute, and thanks to Copy Cat Crafter, you can download it for free!

Room to Inspire has about the easiest way I've seen to make a fun 4th treat; why don't I think of this stuff???

Don't you wish someone would make you this Americana pie?  I would never undertake it myself but I want it super super bad.  Thanks Woman's Day for making any treat I end up making totally inadequate!

So maybe I can't make the pie, but these tin can windsocks, made by SuperMom, look like a possibility and I love them!


Glory/ Glorious Treats said...

Thanks for including my cake!

Holly Kennedy said...

Thank you so much for the shout out to Heart Break Kids! And Pinterest is my new "obsession" too! Thanks for visiting my humble blog and leaving a comment! I love it!

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