Memorial Day Menu

Well we are gearing up for the big weekend--how about you?
I always LOVE Memorial Day because the pool opens and it means school is almost out and summer is here...and I always love a good BBQ. 
So we have put together a fun Memorial Day Menu printable (it is really fun for all summer we think)
that you can print off in an 8x10 along with some cake toppers to match.
Have you noticed the fun anchor theme everywhere? LOVIN it!!

So here is the menu printable for 8x10. We put ours in a frame and then wrote our menu on the glass with a dry erase marker!

Now I know I say this ALOT, but do you notice all of the super cute anchor themed partyware, well can you guess where it is from? Of course...Target. All for $2 or less. And you just can't NOT buy it right?! So definitely hit your favorite one soon before that line sells out!!
Now onto our Memorial Day Menu:
Drinks: Lemonade Icees from the cheekykitchen.com
Appetizer: Red, White and Blue Berries from 2.bp.blogspot.com
 Oven Baked Fries and Burgers
image courtesy of Annie's Eats

These are available to order from 1-800-flowers

not my burger, found this image here

Dot's Red, White and Bleu Burger

Hamburger patties (I prefer the Costco pre-formed Sirloin burgers, in the frozen section)
Buns or rolls (I prefer the bakery sesame seed kind)
Bacon, thick cut, applewood smoked, cooked
Bleu Cheese
BBQ sauce, I like the Tony Roma kind from the grocery store
Carmelized onions
Arugula or Crisp lettuce

I cook the patties to Medium-well, and toast the buns.  Put the bleu cheese on each patty right as you take it off the grill.  It won't really melt, but it softens.  Toast the buns on the grill.  Layer Mayo and BBQ sauce on each side of the bun.  Top your burger with carmelized onion, lettuce or arugula, and bacon.  For this recipe the bleu cheese is technically the "white" and the "bleu."  But believe me, it's so tasty that you're not going to want to mess with it so that it fits the actual title perfectly!!

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Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

oh my gosh, the menu is just too too adorable!!

In the Hammock Vintage

Sandy Ang said...

looks like a great party. how those strawberries !

the little darlings said...

Did you post the banana cupcake recipe? I so want to shove another in my mouth:) plus make some for this weekend!

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