Wish banner tutorial

If you can't tell, we've gone birthday crazy around here!  It started with our Birthday Block Craft Night.  We made a "Wish" banner to give away in a drawing and just got carried away!

We made the cupcake embellishments by layering a crepe paper rosette over a mini cupcake liner.

And I thought I'd show you guys how I made the birthday candle embellishment

Just a small roll of turquoise glitter paper, hot glued to stay.

Then I twisted one end of a crepe paper streamer until it felt sturdy then folded a larger piece out to make the "flame."  Don't cut it, just bring more down and wrap it around the base you've created.

Then just a dab of hot glue on the base and stick it in the "candle" roll.  

These banners are 6"x6" squares, with "Wish" cut out in the "Cindy Lou" font from Cricut in 3", all caps.  We distressed the edges with an ink pad of both the squares and the letters.  Then the paper was hot glued to ruffled crepe paper streamers.

Like?  Let us know :)
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cherished bliss said...

How adorable and great tutorial!! I hope you will share at my party : )


Anonymous said...

That's adorable. Great idea on the candle!

Emily S said...

This is SO CUTE! And I just love the candles. They are adorable!

Deviantly Domesticated Team

Unknown said...

This is adorable! The candles look great. Thanks for stopping by my site!

Unknown said...

Great Blog! Following you now. Hope you can follow me too.


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