Wizard of Oz Party for Young Women in Excellence

Halloween took a back seat this year to a fun Wizard of Oz party thrown by Dot for a church Young Women In Excellence program.  Here's the breakdown:

In Invitation, modified so you can download it and edit in your own specifics if you'd like.  I sewed rainbow ribbon across it under the "Somewhere."  This is sized for Costco's 6.5 x 7 greeting cards. 

The room at first glance with hot air balloon centerpieces:

I also made 140 flying monkeys to work as placemats and flying around the room.  And of course I included my smashed witch legs and "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" sign:

I painted a Lollipop Guild Sign and had a bucket of paper lollipops on wooden dowels (hey we were on a budget!)
Then I painted a "Watch out for Tornadoes" sign and wrapped tomato cages in wrapping paper to make some twisters.

And of course, I rounded up a vintage bike with basket for Mrs. Gulch.

We had a round up of the gang: Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion.  I made the tinman by just gluing together different cans.

We had a "Somewhere over the Rainbow" side of the room for the girls' value projects.

We decorated with tissue paper pompoms and a yellow brick road in front of the table.

We had just a dessert table for this event, with a variety of themed treats, such as these Melted Witch cupcakes (vanilla cupcakes with green frostin, topped with Thin Mints and Hershey Kisses witch hats)

We also had Ding Dongs, (get it?!):

There was also Yellow Brick Road Rice Krispy treats and a rainbow of fruit.

Here's some pictures of the drinks: Wicked Witch Repellant (Water) and Melted Witch Punch (green kool-aid with dry ice)

I just loved this punch!  Why is dry ice so cool?!  And there's a shot of me, Dot, over there on the left!  I was the mayor of Munchkinland so I wore polkadots and stripes.

Finally we had a handout to send home with girls.  Attached to the handout was a clothespin Dorothy Doll:

Our program looked like this:

There’s No Place Like our Heavenly Home
Young Women in Excellence
November 9, 2011
Conducting:  Sister  
Opening Prayer: 
Speaker:  the Wizard of Oz (Bishop) to introduce the evening and Personal Progress Program
Speaker:  Dorothy (YW President) “There’s No Place like our Heavenly Home”
Musical Presentation
Presentation of Awards:  Glinda the Good Witch (Personal Progress Leader)
Speaker: YW who had recently finished entire Personal Progress program
Closing Prayer

 Well, I hope these ideas are inspiring and help you out if you're throwing a Wizard of Oz Party or Young Women in Excellence Program!

I'd also like to send a shout out to all the fabulous websites that inspired this evening:

Linking here:
http://www.momnivores-dilemma.com/,  http://www.houseofhepworths.com/http://nightowlcrafting.blogspot.com/
http://www.whipperberry.com/http://sassysites.blogspot.com/http://shabbynest.blogspot.com/http://tatertotsandjello.blogspot.com/, http://www.tidymom.net/,  http://www.findingfabulousblog.com/
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Marianne said...

I love your Wizard of OZ theme for Young Women's Is there anyway we could get the templates or patterns emailed to us for your invitation and placemats...anything thing you have would be great! Thank you so much and thank you for sharing. My email address is mariannehjensen@yahoo.com
Thanks so much,
Marianne Jensen

Unknown said...

I would love the template for your invite and anything else you have! looks amazing!

Unknown said...

sorry! my email address is buckleybunch81@gmail.com
thanks! :)

Lauren said...

Can I get a copy of the invitation template? This is too cute!! Thanks so much!! mrs.lowatson@gmail.com

Unknown said...


I would also love links to the invitation. Adorable!


Closet Crafter said...

So cute, thanks for sharing! The decor was adorable, and the program outline was also very helpful. Thanks again!!

Chelsea said...

Would love this invite and even a program template. Thanks so much!

amberntmac said...

I would love a link to the darling invitation! It will be perfect for our new beginnings the year.
Please and thank you!


Unknown said...

Such a cute idea!!! Could I please get a website or how you made your invitation. I would love any patterns you have for your food and other things.
Thanks, Julie

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