More Last Minute Thanksgiving Crafts...this one is for the little ones!

Ok, you know you love them. Those messy little hands that you just can't get enough of...well maybe sometimes your fridge and windows and walls can get enough of them... but you can never get enough of their sweet little fingers. So I thought--actually I probably was talking out loud to myself while walking through the aisles of Target---I need to make those little hands into grateful turkeys so I will always remember how grateful I was.
So this easy and fun craft will use very little supplies and very little brain function. You can also have your little turkeys help out for even more fun.

Here are your supplies:
canvas (or piece of cardstock0
Paint and brush
hand (any size will do but the smaller the better!)
tulle squares (or tissue paper just like you used to use in elementary school)
glue (I used hot glue but if you have little ones help I would say go for a different glue choice)
embellishments of choice

How to:
Paint canvas if you want. Then paint the turkey (aka hand) and place into the right spot on canvas. Cut the tulle or tissue into squares and once turkey is dry, wrap the squares around a pencil and stick in place on each finger with glue until all fingers are covered like feathers. Embellish as you wish. Easy Peasy!!

Now go enjoy your little turkeys as long as you can!!

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