December Craft Night, Good Day Colorado Special

It's time again for another craft night!  We have a super cute and EASY one for December.  The layered pedestal Christmas tree!

We had a preview of our Craft Night featured this morning (and again tonight) on our local Denver Fox news with the amazing Dan Duru and his sidekick comedian camera man, Cody White.  Here's some pictures I took of the morning (early, early morning)

 Here's the worktable with the components of this month's Craft Kit.

 My kids snuck down for some of the breakfast goodies...

So here's the deal, this month's Craft Night will be Friday, December 9th at 7pm and is open to a limited number of guests.  Please email us to reserve a spot and we'll email you a paypal request.  We also offer the kits for purchase.  They are $10 a kit, which makes one tree.  They are also available in a bulk discounted set of 10 kits for $85, so you can do your own Craft Night!  This kit includes everything you'll need to make one tree, except your glue gun, glue, and scissors. Unfortunately there is a paypal charge of $3, and any shipping charges are extra.  Email us (like usual) at holidaysnob@gmail.com if you have questions or call 720-837-6168.  We'll link up to Fox's show as soon as its up and you can see the Holiday Snobs in action!


Unknown said...

This is a great post! I went on a holiday last year to the Munich City Breaks and they had tons of art n craft stalls!

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