Dinosaur Birthday Party- Rawr! Part 2

I know, I know, you've been waiting with bated breath for part 2 of my son's Dinosaur Birthday Party.  You have been in endless agony waiting to see what the snobby food choices were, and how we spent the 2 hours from 11am to 1pm.  Well, wait no longer!  The best part of the party!

I made tags for each section of Dinosaur dietary concerns:  carnivores, herbivores, and sweetivores.  Sure, I could have just said done one that said "omnivore" but where's the fun in that???  I got the idea from a party I saw here.

Since it was a party for a two year old, there's some turkey sandwiches on white bread, back in the corner of the carnivore section.  Then dinosaur boiled eggs, and for the Mommy dinosaurs: Chicken Teriyaki Spinach salad.  MMMMMmmm, that salad is good!  The herbivores were given a selection of fresh fruit and salad.  The sweetivores also had a selection of cupcakes, chocolate covered marshmallow dinos on popsicle sticks, and chocolate dinosaur eggs (or leftover Cadbury eggs....)

These eggs weren't exactly delicious, but they looked cool!  I saw them at Our Best Bites, go check out their tutorial here.

The kids also got to slurp some juice right out of Gatorade swamp.  Hey, it's a fun color!  Reminds me of dinosaurs.  That works, right?

Saw the idea for these "Dino Bites" here at My House of Giggles.  They're chocolate covered marshmallow pops.  I used starburst cut into triangles for the spikes.  I was debating whether I wanted to make these, and then saw those candy eyes at Michaels and couldn't help myself!

I used the same green melting chocolate to pipe polka dots onto these Cadbury chocolate eggs.

For activities we had a dinosaur egg hunt, for these redone Easter eggs.

There was a plastic dinosaur figurine inside each egg, making these a hot commodity for the little dinosaur hunters.

And there was a "dino dig" as well.  We made our own salt dough a few days before, cut into bone shapes and let them dry out.  (I'll do a post next week with the recipe and pictures) We buried those and more plastic dinosaur toys in four buckets.  There were about 2 kids to each bucket.

This was a surprising popular activity that went on for a long hot while!

I made cupcake wrappers to go around the cupcakes from regular bright cardstock.  I have a Cricut Lite cartridge that just does wrappers and these were the "grass" choice but looked wild enough for dinosaurs.  Then I made toppers with stamps on the same colors of paper.

This face made it all worth the effort:

And if any of all ya' all want to recreate this party, feel free to use these tags I made.  Just let me know!  (That's right, my only payment is in flattery!  And we wouldn't mind if you decided to follow our blog!)

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Tracey @ My House of Giggles said...

WOW!! Your dino party was amazing! So many fun details...and the kids look like they were having a total blast! So happy to see my little dino marshmallow pops inspired you :) Thanks for the link back! For some reason, the link wasn't working properly...could be a blogger issue. I'm excited to find your blog.....can't wait to see your other posts!

Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

Stunning! And if you dont mind I may borrow some of these ideas for DS's birthday in October as hes absolutly crazy about dinosaurs too :)

TidyMom said...

TOO cute!! great ideas and fun!!

Thanks so much for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up http://tidymom.net/2011/great-ideas-by-you/ Have a FABULOUS weekend!

Jenn said...

Great ideas!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of doing a Dino party with Brontosaurus burgers, fossil fruit, volcanic veggies w/ dino dip, ice age ice cream, and jurassic juice.

Emily Hensley said...

I'm having my son's 3rd birthday party next weekend (June 30th). His actual birthday is July 2nd but we recently moved 5 hours from family so we are traveling home for the weekend to have his party. I'm in the process of getting together materials and decorations for his party---we finally decided on a dinosaur theme because he's been talking about them so much! I love your ideas and plan to use them for his party as well! Thanks so much for the help. If you have any other tips please email me at emhensley@live.com Thanks for the cute ideas :)

Lorelle said...

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