Fun in the Sun..or just FUN!!

The lazy days of summer are in full swing (did I mention LAZY) and my kids and I are all enjoying the idea of not having a schedule to follow and somewhere to be....HA that is such a joke!! Summer has seemed just as busy as the school year with swimming and tennis and this and that. We can hardly wait to go on our summer vacation. Which leads me to today's post. Sand cast hand prints. Now I did this with a couple of my kids several years ago in CA and they really turned out amazingly GREAT!! I was so excited and have them all carefully still packed away in a box with great intentions to do something awesome with them. So here I am a few years later remotivated to make the sand prints with my now 3 kids and I will do something AMAZING with them and then I can share it with all of of YOU!! In the meantime I found a great tutorial on how to make the sand cast hand or foot prints found HERE at Crafting a Green World.
photo courtesy of Crafting a Green World

Now, for those of you who want a fun in the sun craft without the sun or the beach here is another option that I am also loving at the moment.

 How cute are those little handprints and no sand involved!! You can find all the dets of this project right HERE at a Pumpkin and a Princess (love that name by the way!) So either way, take a break from the summer madness and capture your your sweet babies hands...either by sand or paint before it's too late!!

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