Birthday Shopping

Oh my goodness, you guys, I just found the cutest little store (with seriously low prices!) and I just had to share!  It's called Madeleine L'Amour, located in Centerville, Ut, and the owner is the next door neighbor to one of my favorite girls.  I went to check it out after my adorable friend Ashley wore an amazing skirt and I needled her mercilessly until she recommended I get myself one here:

all of the above photos are courtesy of Madeleine L'amour

"Madeleine L'Amour is a French inspired home decor and fashion boutique."  But they also have the most TO DIE FOR birthday accessories for women or girls.  It's very Parisian chic with silver glitter, pink tissue, marabou feathers, and old song sheets.  The owner I met (one of a pair) was Jeni and she was the cutest, nicest thing.  She said that they ship all the time because they have such low prices for their vendors.  They don't have a website with paypal, but you can email them with specific requests and shipping is only 5 bucks and next day for most locations!  I bought a plethora of skirts and handpainted silk flower pin/clips ($16 each, for hand-painted and hand-beaded giant gorgeous flowers!)  but I'm rationalizing this post by saying it's birthday shopping at it's best!

By the way, we have not received any payment for endorsing this fabulous store so this is just pure gushing and compliments straight from my heart (ha!)
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Ashley C. said...

so glad you went. you look adorable in your skirts. :)
miss you!

Lorelle said...

Thank you ! Very nice post! I've made a super seven crystal bracelet, I hope you like it.

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