Silhouette Stenciled Easter Eggs {Craft Tutorial}

I have to say sometimes I see a craft and I just want to reach out and touch it is so dang cute. That is how I felt when I saw this tutorial for these stenciled eggs. I mean I want to pet them. I also am now going to make my 8 year old daughter get her little buns into a tutu and put on bunny ears for a silhouette pic--that may mean I am bribing her with a trip to Justice later but it will so be worth it. Maybe I should just make my little 4 year old guy put on the tutu...no one would know...right!! (okay don't tell my hubs that I might be considering that..wink wink) But seriously!! PRECIOUS. For her full tutorial, head over to her blog!


    Did you love it? I am dying to know or if I am just a little bunny crazy these days....let us know what you thought.

    Here's some we ended up making with our own pictures.  I cut out pictures of my kids and then traced it onto chocolate colored vinyl.  The eggs I used were BIG, about 8 inches tall from a store called Tai Pan. I just stuck the vinyl on, but ended up modge-podging it as well since it didn't stick to the surface very thoroughly.  Then I cut out a bunny, chick and easter basket with my Cricut and applied them as well.  Sorry for the dark pictures, but these eggs are going into some baskets tomorrow so the only chance I've had to photograph them was once the kiddos were asleep!

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