April Showers...Bring Umbrella Photo Shoots!

Melissa from Blue Prints Photography has another holiday photo shoot for us!

I know it may be a little much to do a photo shoot for every holiday, but I do!  I just can't resist the combo of cutie pie kids and a theme!  I am sure that I only have a few years of this too (unless I have a Buster on my hands!)  For Easter this year, I was lucky enough to have a professional do the shots!  We thought this was a fun idea for showing off the Easter finery, even though I went with rain coats.  

And this idea works for more than just kids too!  Melissa writes:
Spring is finally here! The trees are blossoming, the flowers are blooming, and love is in the air! Also, it rains a lot :) Why not combine all these elements and have a flirty and fun photo session with an umbrella? Here are some shots of a super cute couple I did a couple years ago. You and your honey can also go out and have a friend take pictures while you ham it up! You can do so many things with an umbrella as a prop. 

We hope April Showers bring you cute pictures!

Dot and Glitta
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Kath said...

I love umbrella photo shoots. spring is a magical time. great blog.


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